30 days, day 8 -- before and after

(So, I'm straying from my one photo plan for this post because you need two photos for a before and after. Just saying. I guess I should also say that I kind of failed in my quick posting plan, too. Ah, well. Some days are better than others).

I found this cedar chest on the curb when I was walking home from work one day. 

My car was in the shop and Matthias (and his car) were not home to help. Undaunted, I grabbed my wheelbarrow and hurried the couple blocks back to where the chest had been, hoping that no one had snatched it up in the meantime. No one had.

It took me a while to get around to giving it a makeover. This winter I finally did.

It's current incarnation is as a coffee table in our living room. The color makes me happy.


  1. Nice. I especially like the cost of materials.

    1. P.S. I have read a vigorous sanding will "refresh" the cedar if it's lost its aroma.

  2. Such a lucky find! You have done a wonderful job and I love the colour too!!!

  3. The color, the sofa, the rocking chair, the quilt - they all make me happy!! Lovely room and great job!

  4. That came out awesome Anne. Love the color. What a great find.

  5. I LOVE it! The colour is gorgeous!


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