being outside

We've had the most perfect weather recently. Which means that I've been working out in the garden constantly. Last summer we spent almost all of our free time hiking with the dogs and neglected the garden a bit. Weeds. Overcrowded beds. And of course, there was the racedog damage to the grass and our paths. They created a "track" in our yard. I've been doing lots of digging and weeding and dividing and moving of plants. We're extending gardens. We'll be creating new paths and a patio. We're adding a second raised bed for veggies. Things look a bit of a mess right now. But they also look wonderful.

I have not been painting or working on other projects and the house badly needs vacuuming and cleaning up, but I think I'll wait till a rainy day.


  1. A good idea to make the most of the the sunshine Anne. I have been outside a lot more recently and feel so much better for it. Lovely photographs.

  2. LOL I thought racing dogs quit racing when they retired. Guess not . . . your garden is awesome and you are inspiring me to not only journal but spend time in the garden which has been neglected the past several years. Thanks!

  3. Good thought, Anne!
    I repeat myself, but your photos are amazing!!

  4. Gorgeous photographs Anne. I am glad you enjoy spring and time outside. I am sure it will top you up with new creative and inspiring energy. Whishing you lots of sun and love.

  5. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What is that amazing yellow flower in the second photo?

    1. That is a Japanese Kerria. It's a shrub and it's gorgeous in the springtime. Sometimes it will produce a few flowers again during the summer, but never as beautifully as when it blooms in the spring.


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