companion planting

I love having dogs with me in the garden. Holden always hung out with me when I was gardening. And now the greyhounds are out there, too. Unlike Holden, these guys will bark at passing dogs and sometimes people. And they go crazy chasing after the squirrels. But other than that, they mostly lounge.

Sometimes, right where you're trying to work.

Which always makes me laugh.

Sometimes they try to help me when I'm working.

 But that never lasts very long.

My other constant companions have been the robins.

This robin has a nest in the tree by our garage. All my digging has made worm searches just a little bit easier.


  1. Such a fun post, Anne! Your boys are real gems.

  2. Love these photos!! Funny how animals fit themselves into whatever size or shape container they come across! I've said it before, but your dogs are SO graceful looking! Great "helpers", too!

  3. I love seeing the dog in the planter Anne. Are you trying to grow a dog rose by any chance?!!! Lovely photos.

  4. I had to laugh at your dogs and their "help" in the garden. They look so elegant when they lounge about! I'm finally able to get out in my garden too although it seems to be all dandelions! Today weeding, tomorrow planting :)

  5. You have a beautiful garden! And I love your companions. You seem to have those two things I dream about: garden and a dog ;) Have a nice week!

  6. And I thought I had trouble keeping the cat out of the raised beds this morning! Your beds are gorgeous! I still need to put some bark or stone or something around mine to keep back the grass.

  7. Gorgeous companions. It is great that you spend time in the garden and with your dog. Sounds so therapeutic. Have a lovely week, Anne and lots of love to you.

  8. your greyhounds are part feline


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