in and out

Our string of good weather ended abruptly with storms and dropped temperatures. At the same time my clumsiness confined me to the sofa.

Good timing, I guess, but neither situation made me very happy. It seems that all I want to do right now is dig in the dirt. And watch these:

to make sure I don't miss anything.

Right now it's impossible to miss the azaleas out front.

Inside they make the walls glow pink!

I have plenty of flowers blooming inside, too.

Here's to a wonderful week!


  1. Anne, your poor foot!!! What on earth did you do to get a bruise like that?!!! At least you have your pretty flowers to look at to cheer you up. The Azalea is absolutely stunning and looks wonderful against the green foliage.

  2. Hi Anne!!
    Hope you will feel better.
    I love your nails, and your azaleas!!

  3. What did you do to that foot? It looks painful!

  4. Ouch is right! But those gorgeous azaleas and other blooms make a lovely cheer up!

  5. Dear Anne, there is so much life and beauty on your photographs. Thank you for sharing and I hope your foot is much better now!


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