Joy in the ordinary

That could be the title for my blog. It's certainly what I strive for my life to be. I don't need anything flashy. Just simple things. Sighting a robin on the way to its nest, worms in its mouth.

Spotting a flash of color and then watching a bird I've never seen before enjoying my garden.

Noticing one of my newly planted tomatoes glowing in the sun.

Seeing the first open blooms on my rhododendrons.

Right now my Joys all seem to be linked to spring and my growing garden. I really cannot get enough. But I find Joy in other things as well. A freshly scrubbed bathtub. Clean, folded towels. A pot of beans cooked with herbs from my windowsill and my garden. Dancing greyhounds. Thunderstorms.

I hope to get some good garden context shots soon. I've been changing everything up. Digging and digging and moving everything around. Most of what I've moved is settling in happily.

A few things are taking a little longer to get over the shock of being moved, but I expected as much. Some things take time. Like my foot. Thanks for the sympathetic comments. I wish I could say that I injured myself in some exciting way, but alas, it was simple clumsiness (something I'm very good at). Walking from the kitchen to the dining room I caught my pinky toe on the wall separating the two rooms. I'm impatient for it to be back to normal, but I'm trying to ignore it as much as possible, though I have slowed down on the serious digging this week.

I hope your days have been sunny and filled with Joy.


  1. Spring is finally here in the driftless region. Wahoo!
    The weather predictors have altered next week's lows from 30s to 50s, so maybe my tomato plants will come out of the basement soon.....
    And speaking of joy....
    Before I get too involved outside in the gardens I thought I should post about this year's Handmade Joy Exchange. Bobbi, Sally, and Laura, I've linked to each of you in my entry today.
    And to you, Anne. Thank you once again for organizing us all.

  2. Spring's showing around Boulder too, mostly as dandelions. Finches and robins are building nests around my house. They peer in the windows and reassure each other about the cat ("she's indoor only") and then hop about following my weeding, feasting on turned up worms and seeds. Thanks for showing us spring in your neighborhood!

  3. I did that once with my pinkie finger in a radiator - caught it between the wall and radiator playing chase with my son when he was younger! I feel your pain - and it took ages to heal I'm sorry to say. Garden is looking lovely.:)

  4. I have never seen an American Robin until now! European Robins look totally different (apart from the red breast) and come from a different family. It is so lovely to discover new birds in the garden. Your garden is looking wonderful and I look forward to seeing more photos of it over the coming seasons. Hope your foot is better!

  5. Beautiful simplicity- garden, sun and lots of little but very precious joys. Beautiful time Anne and beautiful awareness about the present moment. Huge hugs to you and lots of love.


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