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Earlier this week Matthias' dad came up for a visit for the first time since he's had his dog, Eli. We had a wonderful time and the dogs enjoyed being together. 

We walked at Holden Arboretum and the dogs tired themselves out.

I love how they needed to lie close together in the yard.

And how even asleep they appear to be in motion.

It was amazing to me how unobtrusive greyhounds are. Even with three of them in our tiny house it did not seem like we had a house full of dogs. And it makes me happy to see how smitten Richard is with Eli (the first dog he's ever had!). My conclusion, again, is that greyhounds are very special animals. Beautiful, graceful, elegant, yes, but also sweet and funny and lovable. See for yourself, look for a rescue organization near you.


  1. The first pic inspired me to create a riddle.

    Q. What's longer than a Greyhound?
    A. His tongue!

  2. i love the dog triangle - so cute :)

  3. Nice puppies. I need to come give them a pet and a treat.

  4. so sweet. maybe a dog painting in your future?

  5. ..they look so peaceful!! So nice!!
    I miss my dog...!
    I posted about the Joy Handmade Exchange...couldn't wait any longer! ;)

  6. Lovely, lovely dogs! I too have been dealing with rescue dogs as a volunteer family with my husband. Here in Finland there are only very few greyhouds, I believe that in America dog racing is rather popular sport and there are lots of greyhiunds looking for a home after their career. Lots of hugs for your pack!

  7. They do look sweet natured and very well behaved Anne. I hope that you are feeling better now.

  8. What gorgeous creatures they are! I love seeing them on your blog, Anne.

  9. Gorgeous photographs and sweet, sweet and happy companions, Anne. I hope you feel better now. It looks like you had lovely and peaceful day. Wishing you fantastic, creative and happy week!


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