moving on from feeling vulnerable

Friday morning, just a week after getting my toe x-rayed (and finding out it was broken), I tried pushing open our back door and my hand went through the glass. I was most worried about the dogs hurting themselves on the broken glass that was everywhere. Until I saw my wrist.

Everything worked out and I am ok. Sore and bruised and stitched up, but basically fine. It was a scary experience and for the first couple days after it happened, I was feeling very vulnerable. Sorry for myself while at the same time feeling grateful that I wasn't more seriously injured.

I cut some roses.

Matthias made me some pizza.

I tried to rest and I went to work and I read and sketched and journaled and thought about things.

Life is uncertain. Make the most of each and every single day.

The garden is looking (and smelling) wonderful and I've been taking lots and lots of photos. I'll share some more soon.

Wishing you an accident-free, Joy-filled week.


  1. Please be well . . . and careful! My worst accident this weekend was dumping a whole spice jar of basil into the salad - it didn't have a shaker top. Always check first.

    1. PS that pizza looks awesome - I wish mine looked that good.

  2. Dear Anne, I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you are now free of your series of unfortunate events! You are lucky to have Matthias especially when he makes the most delicious looking pizza. I am sure he took care of you in your time of need. Be gentle with yourself and take time to smell the roses. x

  3. Anne, I almost cried when I heard of your recent injuries. I do hope things are looking up now. The beautiful roses and the comfort food should help.

  4. Oh, poor you, Anne! Hard not to feel vulnerable when 2 accidents happen in such close succession. Scary!! Hope you are all better soon!
    PS - your flowers are beautiful!

  5. Take it easy Anne. Slow down and literally smell the roses. Sorry, had to say that. :)

    They sure do look beautiful and that pizza is making me hungry!! I think that is what I will make tonight.

    Big hugs. xo

  6. Hi Anne!!
    ..hope you're fine!! I imagine how you felt! But I'm sure you'll be soon better.
    That pizza looks amazing!! And the roses are beautiful!

  7. Hi Anne, I hope you heal yourself quickly. I love your flowers! What a colour combination. Warm thoughts from Finland.

  8. Anne, I hope you feel better. Sometimes things just happen one after another and it is a bit hard to cope, deal with and the most important understand and give yourself time as well. Sending you many, many hugs and positive thoughts. Have a lovely and restful weekend my dear blog friend.

  9. p.s I forgot to add, beautiful roses Anne.

  10. My goodness! What an ordeal you've been through. Take good care of yourself:)

  11. OMG! You must stop moving about! Hope your ok now and so glad it wasn't worse. Take care x


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