Just after the roses hushed into a lull, the coneflowers began to open.

My garden is full of them. They are one of Matthias' favorite flowers and the birds (especially the goldfinches) and butterflies love them, too.

It delights me to share my garden with all sorts of wildlife.

Of course, I've been bringing cut coneflowers into the house. And once there, they ended up inspiring some sketches.

When I have no energy for anything else, I try at least to do a little sketching.

I also played around with some watercolors.

I felt so out of practice. When I got frustrated with the lower flower, I decided to play around with a quicker, looser technique and painted a second flower. Without expectation that it had to be A Painting, it was easier to keep going. I think that's why daily painting is so important. There's less pressure. Do I paint daily? No. Do I aspire to? Yes. I'll get there. Or at least, close.

Being easy on yourself is an important part of the process, too. Especially when the weather is miserable, which around here it has been.

Today, though, is finally cooler. Wet and cloudy doesn't seem so bad compared to that unbearable heat.

I hope that wherever you are, your day is filled with beauty and Joy.


  1. such beauty.
    in your gardens and on your paper.

  2. Such beauty! Love all the different techniques, so interesting to see the versions put together like this.
    1°C below zero here! :D

  3. dear Anne, beautiful watercolours and sketches. I completely agree with you that being easy with yourself is so important. It is one of the most difficult things for me to feel but I try to practice it every day. Thank you for inspiring and supportive thoughts. Much love to you and have a lovely and creative week.

  4. This inspires me to bring in a few bee balm blossoms and give it a go with the paint box. Thanks.

  5. Beautiful photography, sketches and painting. Keep up the good work Anne. Your watercolours are flourishing.

  6. So lovely - your garden in bloom and your sketches too. Good for you for practicing as much as you can.


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