rose love -- Sharifa Asma

I love all my roses, but I have to admit there are some that give me a bit more of a thrill than others.

Sharifa Asma is one of those favorites. And it's easy to see why. The petals are somewhat transparent making the flowers seem to glow from the centers, deeper pink ringed with paler.

Very beautiful.

I actually first fell in love years before I ever had a (n outdoor) garden. Visiting the Cleveland Botanical Garden I discovered Sharifa Asma as I sniffed all the roses looking for any with fragrance. A small plant with pink roses caught my eye (nose).

I wish that I could convey the fragrance here because a description will never come close to describing it. The fragrance is strong and rose-y, but also fruity. It's one of those roses that you just want to keep sniffing.

The plant is very healthy, too. It's been a difficult year for roses. Most of mine are suffering from fungal diseases to some degree. Sharifa Asma is not and after a short lull, the plant is once again covered in blossoms.

I guess it's no surprise that I love it.


  1. Your roses always look beautiful to me Anne. I think I may need to grow more of them.

  2. The last photo is exquisite.

  3. it's a beauty :)

  4. This sounds like a good candidate for rose hip jam. I made some once and could not detect any essence of rose but Mr. said the scent and flavor were quite distinct. I guess his palate is keener than mine.

  5. simply beautiful and magical. Thank you for sharing


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