Joy List Monday

It's been busy around here lately and will continue to be busy for the next couple months. I've been focusing on preparing for an art fair (now less than a month away!) and this past weekend was the first of three weekends of traveling and in less than two months a dear friend is getting married... And summer, wonderful summer, has been glorious lately.

All conspiring to keep me from my computer.

But I thought I'd pop in today with a Monday Joy List.

  • a wonderful visit with (my dear friend) Jenny and her family
  • getting to see some other dear friends (one of whom is very pregnant!) as well
  • coming home from my weekend away and being greeted by my garden, the greyhounds and Matthias
  • spending lots of time in my studio
  • flowers, flowers, flowers
  • edible garden bounty and cooking with ingredients from the garden every day
  • homemade lavender and honey ice cream
  • hummingbirds and butterflies in the garden
  • beautiful weather
  • gorgeous clouds
  • goldfinches enjoying the coneflowers and sunflowers
  • a robin's nest right outside my studio window
  • open windows and bare feet
  • noticing beauty everywhere

What's on your Joy list today?


  1. What pretty roses and Queen Anne's lace! Your joy list mirrors mine, lots of natural beauty, time in my studio and spent with friends and pets. A beautiful Swallowtail butterfly spent time with me in the garden this morning, snacking on catmint and floating about me, curious what I was doing among the flowers. Hope your week is filled with joy!

  2. I am not feeling much joy recently - more frustration than anything! Anyway, that aside my new echinacea alba plant is bringing me joy daily and I am so pleased that I bought it.

  3. You sound like you are bursting with joy, Anne! All beautiful things!! BTW, saw a gorgeous photo of you on FB with your friends - beautiful!!
    I am feeling joyful about recent celebrations and an upcoming trip!!
    Keep enjoying all of the wonderful things you listed!

  4. gorgeous joy list Anne, thank you so much for sharing and good luck with art fair!!! Big, big hugs to you


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