beautiful october

Hello, there, October. What a glorious debut you have made.

Warm. Colorful. You fill me with excitement for the arrival of autumn while letting me savor the last of the summer beauty.

Flowers in the garden, flowers in my salad and flowers in the house, too.

Thank you, beautiful October, for the gifts of your beauty and these Joys. I will try to relish every little bit.


  1. your October is beautiful Anne, so yummy, juicy and cozy. Wishing you lovely and creative autumn

  2. I really like your start of Autumn!! We're so lucky here in Uk, too...hope this nice weather will last forever!!
    Enjoy your beautiful garden and flowers!!

  3. those mushrooms are outrageous! are they really real??

  4. Oh I love that mushroom photo Anne - it is so cool & magical & happy - love it!! You should make this into a print/postcard/greetings card & sell it in your shop. It would also serve as the perfect starting point to a story.......I'm already getting ideas......
    Kat Xx

  5. Wonderful photography Anne especially of the toadstools and of the light and shadows in the last photo. You certainly have a gift!

  6. Great photos Anne. Happy October to you. :)


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