when snow is in the forecast, summer vacation is over for my houseplants

It's that time again. Dusk falls earlier and earlier. I've started wearing socks and crocheted hats. Winter is coming.

But not inside. Inside I have flowers.

And ripening fruit. I made Dutch Babies for breakfast this morning with a lemon I picked from my little lemon tree. If that's not incentive to keep a few houseplants around, I don't know what is.

My plants always look so happy after a summer outside.

And bringing them in makes the house feel cozy (and a bit smaller... I have a lot of plants). I'm also feeling inspired to do some more watercolor houseplant portraits.

What about you? Do you like to fill your house with plants?


  1. You are such an insperation!
    I am starting to plan my indoor plant placement (since the new house has a lot more windows) and you have given me so many great ideas =)


  2. This post made me really happy :)

  3. I don't really do that well with house plants and they usually end up dying within a few months. I have one green leaved plant in my living room but it looks tired and the leaves are going brown. I would keep many more if only I could keep them alive! Yours look lovely and healthy.

  4. Beautiful plants and I am sure that they receive so much love from you every day. Big hugs to you, Anne.


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