Joy List Monday

We have been blessed with abundant Joys lately. Here are just a few:

  • dinner brought over by neighbors after a long day unloading the truck when we first arrived
  • farm fields just a few blocks away
  • "urban" (in a town of about 4,400 I'm not sure that urban is quite the right term) farming in our new neighborhood -- chickens in backyards and veggies in front
  • local food -- our fantastic food co-op, the co-op creamery (cheese!) in the next town, the butcher/meat-processing facility just outside of town that sells local meats
  • friendly, welcoming people in the neighborhood
  • seeing a bald eagle above my parents' farm and then a couple days later seeing one fly over our house in town
  • visiting with new friends who not only fed us a delicious meal of home-grown, home baked goodness, but also sent us home with buckets full of bounty from their beautiful and productive gardens
  • seeing Amish buggies driving down our street multiple times each day
  • lots of time to hang out and visit with my parents
  • long walks each day with much to discover
  • feeling settled and cozy in our new home (I will share photos soon!)

What's bringing you Joy today?


  1. Sounds heavenly Anne! So very happy for you!!

  2. Perfection! Send my love to your parents, and raise a glass to "dreams come true" next time you're together.

    On my Joy list...
    The season'e first snowfall here in CT.
    Enjoying time back in my sewing studio.
    Evenings with Batman.
    Christmas cactus beginning to bud and bloom.
    One Meyer lemon s*l*o*w*l*y turning yellow.

  3. Anne your list and Karen list (from above) are beautiful and inspiring. I am glad that all goes well. Thank you so much for sharing

  4. Hi Anne!!
    I'm so happy for you!! I can feel your happiness from your words! ...I'm really curious to see a bit of your new house!! Enjoy your new discoveries and friends!!


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