made it

We filled up the moving truck, just the two of us. That was an exhausting day. Then we drove

and drove

and drove some more.

About 14 hours of driving. (Me driving on a swollen ankle from coming down wrong off the tailgate of the U-Haul the day before). Another exhausting day.

But we didn't have to empty the truck that night. We slept at the farm and woke up to this:

My parents have been such a big help. Cleaning and prepping. Unloading. Feeding us.

The new house is coming along. Jerome, our old, deaf Siamese cat has made himself at home and seems happy as can be there. The dogs are enjoying walks in the new neighborhood (as are Matthias and I). More and more boxes are empty and flattened. I'm so excited about my new studio and arranging and rearranging furniture. About choosing paint colors and planning out next year's garden.

The stress is melting away and peace is settling in.

Wishing you a beautiful week.


  1. Your new view is very similar to what we have here in my area. I'm glad the hard part is over. Now you can decorate and have fun. I'm looking forward to the pictures. Congratulations!

  2. What a lovely ending to a stressful journey. I'm sure its nice to breathe that country air and make plans. It will be fun to see how you decorate your new place.

  3. Sooooo happy to hear that you arrived safely and are settling in. Wishing you great joy in the beautiful place you will now make your home. Happy nesting!!

  4. Anne, beautiful post and very heart warming photographs. Good luck!

  5. Good luck in your new home Anne. I love the photo of the foliage and the doggy face!


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