oak leaves

In the spring it is maple seeds. In autumn, acorns. Lately it's been oak leaves.

The shapes and colors and sizes are all so varied. And the leaves are sturdy enough not to crumble after they fall. And so on walks I've been picking them up. With the inevitable result:

It's been wonderful to finally be working in my new studio. It's such a perfect work space. Cozy and spacious and organized. I loved my other studio, but it never felt finished. This one, although it still needs a little tweaking (better lighting and maybe a shelf above one table) feels much more finished. I hope to spend many, many hours here this winter.


  1. Glad to see that you are picking up the paints again Anne. Lovely delicate brush work.

  2. They are fab! It took me a second on the first picture to realize some were real leaves and some painted.

  3. It's wonderful to have a welcoming space to work in. So happy for you. Your leaves look so real it took me a moment to distinguish them from the real things! You have such a gift for watercolor!

  4. Anne, your leaves are beautiful. I love in your works that you always focus so much on details. I am glad that you are having nice and such a creative time in your new studio. big hugs and happy creating!


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