settled and cozy

Last time I said that we feel settled and cozy in our new home. And it is true. Everything is unpacked and arranged, even in my studio.

All of my plants have been given spots in windows

all over the house.

Although I love the colors in the two upstairs bedrooms (now Matthias' and my studios) and bathroom, the other colors in the house don't quite work with our colorful furnishings.

There is painting in our future. And wallpaper stripping.


But for now we'll just live with it. Embrace the quirky mix of colors and styles. Enjoy the cozy, sweet house just as it is.

I hope you are able to enjoy your surroundings today and embrace beauty and Joy wherever you find it.


  1. Anne, your house looks so cozy, warm and beautiful. I wish I could pop in for a cuppa :) well done and I am glad you all are settled now in your new nest. Sending big hugs and much love. Have a great and inspiring week!

  2. What a treat to see a glimpse into your new world. Your place looks impeccable and the plants add such life, don't they? I once lived in this great old farm house (and it was haunted!) that had wallpaper in each room, multiple layers actually. At first I didn't care for it, but to this day, I still think of the kitchen wallpaper which had big red geraniums on it with such fond memories. You may find as you live with it a little longer it may grow on you ;) Such a beautiful home for a beautiful soul.

  3. Your thriving plants make your home look so cozy and inviting. Its fun to see the colors and funky wallpaper, the "before" pictures that will change as you put your stamp on the place. May you have time to paint more than walls this week :)


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