settling in

Each day we get a little more organized.

And more comfortable.

My studio is just about ready for me to play.

I try to fight the feeling that I need to go, go, go.

We take long walks. And cook. And eat. And visit with my parents. It is strange and it is wonderful and it doesn't seem quite real.

Thank you to each of you for your comments of encouragement and kindness. I so appreciate it.


  1. It is a new beginning, Anne. It sounds like you are taking time to regroup, to settle in, to nurture yourself. Wishing you a beautiful future.

  2. Living the good life!
    It's so wonderful to read this, Anne.
    Carry on, give me hope for the future.

  3. No wonder you are wanting to 'go,go go'. You have faced massive upheaval in moving home and no doubt trying to come to terms with it all as well as getting your animals settled in. In a few months time it won't feel strange anymore and you will feel grounded once more.


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