a Joyful Christmas present

I left something out of my Christmas post the other day. One of the presents from my mom was a delightful surprise. I was so excited as I unwrapped the tissue paper and realized what it was.

This portrait of our Cleveland house was created by the talented Judy Hartman. Judy was one of my first bloggy friends "met" through AEDM when I first started my blog three years ago. Through my blog she discovered my mom's blog and the two have become dear friends. I am amazed again and again by the power of the Internet to create connections, bringing kindred spirits together who might never have met otherwise.

Judy's beautiful work with paper and fabric is colorful, detailed and filled with Joy. I am thrilled to own this special portrait of my first home. My favorite parts are the three little faces looking out of the windows:

So sweet!

I will treasure this forever. Thank you, Judy and thank you, Mom. And don't you just love the idea of the two of them "in cahoots" (Judy's phrase -- makes me smile) planning it?

Read about how Judy created this beautiful fabric house portrait here on her blog.


  1. Beautiful gift and beautiful work.

  2. Delightful.
    So glad Judy "introduced" me to your mom, and then we "met".
    Fun connections, indeed.

  3. Ooooohhhh! the boys together at the window! sooooooooo perfect. I hadn´t noticed them at first. What a thoughtful gift and wonderfully made.

  4. Hi Anne!! ...woooooww!! What a wonderful present!! Judy is so clever! And your mum had the best ever thought!! I wish you all the best for the New Year!!

  5. I love how we all connect through our blogs! Very happy you like this, Anne! You have a wonderful mom to think of this, and I was happy to implement it. You take the best photos!! So much better than mine! :)

  6. 'In cahoots' - I love that! I saw this lovely creation over at Judy's blog. Such a thoughtful and heirloom gift. Your first home will be with you forever!


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