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Winter is the time for some serious reading. During the other seasons I spend much more time outside doing things, but when it's cold, I just want to curl up and read a book. I've come across some good ones recently and I thought it's time I share.

Just before we moved, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law came to visit. While they were with us Ashley was reading Barnheart by Jenna Woginrich.

I had read a Jenna Woginrich's other books and in all truth they left me wanting something more. Maybe this was what I was wanting. I devoured Barnheart. I can relate to her "condition" (read this) because I think I have it, too, and I admire her for not giving up on her dreams. If you long for a farm of your own or just like reading memoirs by people who charge after their dreams, give Barnheart a try.

Paper to Petal was all over the Internet when it first came out. I put it on reserve at the library and waited and waited and waited because the list was long.

I didn't get my hands on the book before we moved and so it became one of the first books I reserved at our new library. The book was worth the wait. The flowers are gorgeous and they are photographed so well. But what is amazing about this book are the detailed instructions for making those flowers. All of the supplies and all of the tools are listed and explained. There are step by step instructions. There are templates. Even if you aren't the sort of person who likes to create from someone else's instructions (I'm not), you will enjoy and find inspiration in this beautiful book.

For some reason, although my very favorite garden writer is Tovah Martin, I had not yet read her latest book.

Maybe it was just waiting for the right time. Books about houseplants really should be read during the winter when gardening is going on inside, not outside. Although I've jammed what seems like as many plants as possible into our new home, reading this book made me want to find a few spaces for more. What I found most appealing about this book is that it isn't just a "how-to" book, but an intimate account of Tovah Martin's relationships with her plants. The beautiful photographs feature her own plants in her own house. Those of you who aren't so sure of your indoor gardening ability will find encouragement throughout the book, as well as clear instructions for taking care of many different plants.

I found these last two books when I was playing around on Amazon and immediately placed inter-library loans so I could look at them in person.

I had never heard of Mary Woodin before (strange that her books never came up in Amazon searches because they are similar to some of my favorites), but I immediately fell in love with her watercolor illustrations. She has a beautiful blog, too! Paging through these books makes me want to paint and paint and paint and fills my head with ideas for my new garden.

Finally, I was excited to see a photo of my table at this past weekend's Holiday Faire along with my name in this week's newspaper.

Fun, no?


  1. Beautiful inspirations, Anne. it is so relaxing to visit your blog. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. What a great list for January reading! Barnheart and Paper to Petal especially appeal with snow on the ground. Thank you for reviewing these and congratulations on your crafts making the paper!

  3. So much beauty here! Including your table at the fair. Congratulation on being feautured in the newspaper. Cool. :)

  4. Beautiful books Anne, I am sure I would enjoy reading every one Unfortunately our library doesn't have such a varied choice! Congratulations on being featured in your local newspaper - fun indeed!!!

  5. well done for getting in the paper :)
    I've been reading Mary Woodin's blog for years! She is a friend of my husbands business partner - small world eh?!


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