lately: a craft fair, cold and natural beauty

This weekend I participated in my first craft fair in Wisconsin. It was a bit nerve wracking and exhausting, but it was also the best craft fair that I've done so far, both in terms of response and in terms of sales.

Thanks, Mom, for the photo

The experience has left me with much to contemplate and I know that what I really need is an extended journaling session to work out all the feelings and thoughts and little sprouting plans that are swirling around inside of me right now.

Lately it's also been cold. Not just cold, but COLD. Much below freezing. Wind chills further below that. Today's wind chill is -15 degrees F. Yesterday's snow is blowing from trees and roofs as the wind howls through town.

Today, like every day, we went for a long walk with the dogs. In this weather the walks always start the same, with me wondering if we really need to be outside for so long. My face and fingers ache and I pull my hats (I've taken to wearing more than one) further down on my head. Eventually, though, exertion warms my fingers and I am glad to be outside.

This year I'm enjoying winter (although, I guess it's not yet technically winter yet, is it?). I think part of it is being surrounded by so much natural beauty. And part of it is all of the sunshine we get here. Making sure that we get outside helps, too, even though it's not always comfortable.

Yesterday Matthias and I joined my parents on an outing to Norskedalen Nature and Heritage Center for their Old Fashioned Christmas celebration. Mostly we were outside there, too.

The hills and trees and streams are all so beautiful. Everything was lightly dusted with snow and there were flurries in the air.

One of the Fjord horses tried to eat Matthias' coat. Or maybe it was just giving him a slobbery kiss.

We even took a sleigh ride.

Each day has its own magic. I am glad to be paying attention.

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Aw this post made me smile. Looks like you've really found a wonderful home!

  2. Gorgeous photos Anne! You really are living in a winter wonderland! I am so glad that you did so well at the craft fair. I can see why with your beautifully presented work and your winning smile.

  3. So glad your craft fair was a success, Anne! I don't know if I could stand that much cold weather, but it certainly is picturesque there! Enjoy being outside!!!

  4. Love your craft fair set up! You are infinitely talented! I foresee lots and lots of these type of events going well in your future! I personally am loving my Anne calendar! I’m not even waiting for January to start before I display it.

  5. Anne, you look so happy and beautiful. Huge congrats on the craft fair! Magical post and photos. Thank you so much for sharing your moments and talents!

  6. Hello wonderful to visit you again..what a fantastic photo of you at your crafts wonderful..congrats to you! And tanks for sharing such special and magical pictures!


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