enjoying winter

I love sunshine. And warm breezes. And flowers, flowers, flowers. I love wearing sandals or no shoes at all. I love gathering my meals from the garden and eating tomatoes that are still warm from the sun. I love going for long walks with my boys, grilling something on the patio barbecue when we get home and eating it outside.

All of that seems a long way off.

But I do love the change of the seasons, too. Noticing the first leaves to change color or the first acorns hidden in the grass. I love seeing the first flakes of snow in the air or waking up to find everything coated with snow. I love discovering the green shoots of bulbs peeking up through the soil and the misty green tinge of swelling buds on the trees.

It's been cold. And snowy. It's snowing here today. To go for a walk in the winter, we need to put coats on both the dogs. Charlie needs booties for two of his feet because he suffers from painful corns. And then there are our clothes. I usually wear leggings under my jeans or cords (today I've got my flannel pajama pants on underneath). I wear layer after layer of t-shirts and sweaters. And a coat. And two hats. And gloves. All of that preparation before we're even out the door. Once outside, on the coldest days my fingers begin to ache, even inside my gloves. My face, too, feels burned by the wind. Matthias's beard becomes coated with frost. Wouldn't it be better just to stay inside?

But if we stayed inside we'd miss all of the beauty of winter. The ice coated trees. The sparkle of blown snowflakes. The birds calling in the branches overhead. We'd miss the time spent together, four of us making tracks in clean, fresh snow.

After a while my fingers warm up. Today I even had to take my gloves off for a bit as I got too warm in all my layers.

I can choose to either fight the winter or to embrace it. Yes, I miss the flowers and tomatoes and bare feet. But winter is beautiful, too. Summer will be here, again. For now, I'll enjoy the winter.


  1. Stefan and I have been taking long walks here too. We both don't want a miss a minute of it!

  2. I love winter too. :-)
    Your photos here today are especially lovely.

  3. I love your idea to embrace winter and your photos are wonderful as usual. BUT... I am ready for spring! I enjoy the seasons too, but I would love it if winter were only 1/8 instead of 1/4 of the year, wouldn't that be nice? or even less... a few good snows and then ding ding back to warmer temps and growth!! I do have to say though you make it sound romantic with your family :)

  4. I love how you look at things--always seeing the positive--and yes I agree, winter is beautiful but you have to make the effort to see it. Since I started embracing winter myself just a few years ago I am finding that I'm no longer telling myself "oh I love this snow" I am actually really feeling it! Spring is still my favorite season, though. ;) Lovely photos!

  5. The way you write just makes me smile with pleasure, Anne. I too love the seasons, but as I get older and my joints ache, I couldn't take such cold. But that doesn't stop me from looking, and enjoying your beautiful photos. Happy winter!

  6. Winter has its blessings and you always seem to find them with your camera and words :) Soup or hot chocolate are my antidotes to cold, and colorful artwork is my response to a winter white world. Keep cozy, Anne.

  7. Beautiful photos Anne. I would rather have snow than rain. The continuous dampness seems to have seeped into my bones and the wooden parts of the house are rotting. To have snow right now with its purity and a winter blanket for the garden would be a blessing.

  8. Yes, Anne, your winter is really beautiful and these photographs are stunning. Sending you lots of the warmest thoughts from not cold at all Scotland and much love to you!

  9. These photos are breathtaking! You should submit them to a local magazine.

    Stay warm and safe!


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