hello, 2014

Although my intention, my focus and my word for the year (I'll write more about that soon) are all about action, 2014 is off to a slow start. I was a little upset with myself for that, and then I realized that slow is good, too. (Slowing down is often how I interpret messages from the universe -- when I have an accident or get sick, I feel that something is telling me slow down). My main, every day intention is Joy and I think part of that is being gentle with myself. We need to be able to let go. We need to be able to listen to our spirits and our bodies. Sometimes we need a little extra push, but sometimes pushing does more harm than good.

So, I'm giving myself permission to ease into 2014. There will be action. There will be accomplishments, but there will also be pajama days and pots and pots of tea and days where I do nothing but read.

What about you? How is your 2014 starting out?


  1. It's a lot about balance, eh?

    I have a lot of energy coming in to 2014, but I too am easing in, pacing myself,...

    I have not done a "word of the year", but am trying it for 2014. Integrity is my word.

  2. Hello, Anne. pajama days and pots of tea days sound so good and inspiring. sometimes we do need to slow down. I felt pretty much the same last days. big hug to you. take one step at a time and follow your heart.


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