Joy List Monday

I've been working at combatting January's slow start. It may seem counter-intuitive or ironic, but what has really helped has been slowing down and stilling my mind. Writing in my journal. When I'm overwhelmed by my large to-do list and by overflowing inspiration and ideas it really helps to be still. To light a candle and drink some tea and tackle just one thing. Writing in my journal is an immense help. I've been on a roll with it and it feels good.

Writing Joy Lists feels good, too. It's my intention to write them daily. I'm sort of failing at that. Which, means, I think, that it's time to share one here.

  • waking up (& getting up) early
  • a warmer walk w/warm breezes and sunshine
  • Earl Grey tea
  • journaling
  • a house full of flowers
  • yesterday's cocktails and Sunday dinner w/my parents
  • feeling inspired, full of ideas and with a long list of projects, BUT also having a still mind

What's bringing YOU Joy today?


  1. Thanks for the reminder to keep up my Joy List. I haven't done one yet it 2014, I need to get on it. As always, you are such an insperation! I can't wait to see where you go with your art this year.

  2. Books, yarn, art, kids, my cat, plants, exercise, coffee. Yay for joy lists.

  3. Hanging out with Henry.
    Plowing through a long "to do" list.
    Resolving an important question.
    Darjeeling tea.
    Catching up with a dear old friend.
    Mentoring a beginning quilt maker.

  4. Your Joy Lists make me Joy-ful! Thank you for sharing!


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