sometimes I need a little reminder

January can be such an exciting time for fresh starts and new projects. But I'm finding that this January is still off to a slow start for me. Maybe it's the weather, this crazy polar vortex that makes me want to hibernate. Maybe it's that my intentions for this year are so BIG that it's hard to step back and see that each small step is part of the process. Maybe it's a combination of those things. It's good to remember that accomplishments don't magically happen overnight. Things take time. Work. A bit here. Some more there.

So, as a reminder to myself I'm looking back. Back to when I didn't know how to paint, but I did it anyway. Because I was drawn to it. Because I wanted to. I wanted to paint beautiful paintings. And I kept trying even though what I was creating wasn't what I wanted to be creating.

I'm glad that I never gave up. That I kept painting. Bit by bit, step by step I moved forward.

Last week I finished this painting:

It wouldn't exist if I had given up. If I had become frustrated with my first, awkward attempts at painting. It's a good reminder. That things take time. Time. Effort. Steps. First one, then another. Over and over.

What about you? How is your January going?


  1. This painting is exquisite, Anne. I admire your perseverance, and you also have a lot of talent! It's true - you never would have realized it or come this far if you hadn't stepped out and tried. Food for thought for all of us.

  2. Love seeing your progress Anne. Gorgeous painting. I needed that reminder too. Thank you.

  3. Thank you Anne for reminding me never to give up!! Your painting is beautiful! All the effort you put in it's paying off! ...I always have to remember it!!

  4. Who was it that said, "How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice." Well, anyways, it's so true. That is a beautiful rose...well done!


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