finding joy every day


Last week was a bit of a weird week here. One where I had to work on looking for joy every day. And it makes me laugh that every day in my Joy Lists I included my turquoise nails (was I grasping at straws to find something joyful?). It's funny that such a small and seemingly frivolous thing was bringing me joy each and every day. And yet, it is exactly those small, seemingly frivolous things that we must pay attention to and rejoice in each and every single day. We need to celebrate them, not trivialize them. I never wear nail polish on my fingernails and so every day felt a bit special. We need to make each day a bit special. Make each day a bit of an occasion, a celebration.

Especially when we're feeling down.

My whole point in keeping Joy Lists is to keep from overlooking the beauty and joy that surrounds me each day. Nothing is too insignificant. That cheap little snack cake from the grocery store eaten from a pretty china saucer becomes a tiny, private party. Taking the time to get the saucer from the cabinet and to place the cake on it and to slowly eat and enjoy it honors me and honors my joy. It allows me to stop and truly be in the moment instead of hurtling through my day unaware.

Last week I had trouble concentrating. On this side of things I find myself wishing I'd been able to be more focused, to accomplish more. But what good does that do? I can only exist in this day, right now, doing the best I can today.

I'll be away from this space for a bit. We're traveling back to Cleveland, something we've been needing to do and putting off for a while. I'd rather just stay here and paint, truth be told.

But it will be good to get some things accomplished in Cleveland, to see some friends, to be on the road.

Wishing you days filled with many little joys.


  1. Beautiful, joyful and inspiring moments, Anne. Thank you for sharing them. Your nails look cool! Have a good journey and nice time in Cleveland. Big hugs to you!

  2. Your photos just get better and better, Anne, and your joy list is very inspirational. And what is that fabulous painting you're working on?? Have a safe and happy trip!!

  3. Safe travels Anne. I love the color of your nails and phone. The painting is looking lovely. xo

  4. Lovely photos Anne. Enjoy your time in Cleveland!

  5. I love the way you write, Anne. Thank you for the beautiful reminders to simply enjoy the moment. Have a safe trip!

  6. Hi Anne!
    I really like the colour on your nails!! It's good that it makes you feeling "special"!
    What a nice picture of your dog, it seems so sweet!! :)
    Have a nice trip!!


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