"home is

the nicest word there is."

I must agree.

It's been an exhausting and emotional couple weeks as we collected up the last of our stuff from Cleveland and finished prepping our house for sale.

A lot of cleaning and painting and working on little projects that don't seem very big until you start working on them. Physically exhausting. Emotionally exhausting.

As much as I love our little blue house, it isn't home anymore and neither is Cleveland.

It's wonderful to be back in Wisconsin, which is home. I missed it. The house. The town. My family. I'm so very grateful for all of it.


  1. Anne, have a well deserved rest and it is so nice that you are back!

  2. I can imagine how draining this must have been for you, Anne. So glad you and Matthias have found such a welcoming place to live. Wishing you rest and healing as you permanently settle into your new home.

  3. Welcome back to your new life, Anne! Enjoy a well deserved rest and soak up the beauty of your home.

  4. I can sure relate to this. My family and I had a similar scenario when we packed it up and left our old home 4 years ago and there was that weird limbo period between both houses--but all the while knowing where we'd rather be. It is truly exhausting! Get some rest...and welcome back! :)

  5. It is always hard to give up something good. You become flooded with: the memories, the ties, the emotions that remind you why it was a good thing. Transition can often be scary, tiring, scattered. But like a rainbow, which can only blossom out of a storm, giving up good leaves room for something great. I’m so happy you guys feel at home in your new place. Bring on the new amazing memories, ties, and emotions are in store you!!!!

  6. Thank you all for such thoughtful, kind comments. So moving reading all of your thoughts.


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