I devoured this book,

painted amaryllis flowers,

have been watching hyacinth roots grow,

am falling in love with felting

(can't wait to show you the entire before and after for this project!),

sewed a fun lining for a crocheted bag,


have been enjoying the snow with my guys

and was overjoyed to find that my purple oxalis has bounced back from dormancy.

What about you? What have you been up to lately?


  1. I so admire yours and your mom's expertise with plants! Your purple oxalis is so different and lyrical!
    And your amaryllis painting is gorgeous, Anne! Felting and sewing - you HAVE been busy! Lastly, those beautiful dogs with their long legs are so handsome!
    I have been sketching and getting started on the 'Heartfelt February' project on my blog!

  2. Anne! every photo looks so interesting and tells different and magical story. Everything looks so inspiring! The book, your stunningly beautiful painting (it is amazing!), hyacinth roots, your boys :) and crocheted bag is just so pretty. Thank you so much for sharing your joy, creativity, beautiful places and happiness. Much love to you. Have a great week!

  3. I thought I had left a comment here Anne but must have just thought it and not wrote it! I would say that 'lately' you have been very busy producing some excellent work! Great picture of your guys in the snow!

  4. I loved the book 'The Dirty Life' too! I finished it finally about a month ago. I had started it, but as life goes it went on my nightstand– It really was a great book! I have another one I am working through, just the beginning, we'll see how it goes. Miss you! <<<>>>

  5. You appear to be having a cozy winter too! Love your snapshots of your daily life. Lucky you to have a green thumb indoors!

  6. My goodness look at all that snow!
    You have definitely been keeping busy. I love seeing all of your latest, beautiful creations!


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