An Invitation to the 3rd Handmade Joy Exchange

The first year:

The second year:

I wasn't sure I was going to do another Handmade Joy Exchange this year, but as spring (and my birthday) began to draw closer, I started to think about the exchanges. How much fun it was to connect people from all over the world. How inspiring to see what everyone was creating. I decided that I really did want to do it again and I hope that some of you will join me!

First off, what is the Handmade Joy Exchange?

It's simple, really. It's about creating something joyful and sending it to someone else. It's also about opening your mailbox to find a joy filled package addressed to you. What should that something joyful be? Anything that will bring you joy to create and that will bring the recipient joy to receive. Sew it. Paint it. Draw it. Crochet it. Knit it. Collage it. Stamp it. Bead it. The possibilities are endless (the photo collages above will give you an idea of what we created in the past two exchanges).


This year I'm going to be strict about the dates. I've built in ample time for creating and for our packages to travel so we'll be sticking to the dates below. Don't worry, you will have (almost) a week in order to sign up (send me your name and your mailing address as well as your blog address if you have one). The day after that deadline I will notify you of the person for whom you'll be creating. You will then have two weeks to create your piece of Handmade Joy. Four weeks later (to give the mail time to travel) I will be blogging about the exchange and encouraging you to blog about it, too. If you don't have a blog, that's ok, you will still be included in the celebration.

Does that make sense? Any questions or to sign up email me: anne (at) mygiantstrawberry (dot) com
The Handmade Joy Exchange is now closed.

Here's the breakdown...

Sign up deadline:
March 23

Receive the name (and address info) of the person to whom you'll be sending your Handmade Joy (not the same person who will be sending something to you -- that will be a surprise!):
March 24

Create, photograph and send off your piece of Handmade Joy by:
April 7

Send me a photo of your creation by:
April 14

Handmade Joy Exchange Blog Celebration:
May 5

I do hope you'll join in the joy!


  1. I loved being a part of your previous exchanges - sign me up for year 3!

  2. I would love to participate! is the best way to reach me! :)

  3. Hello Anne, so happy you are doing this again. Would love to join in! I think you have my email!

  4. Hello Anne!!!
    Here I am!! I cannot miss it!! Thank you for organising it again, it's such a fun!!


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