everything's coming up... daffodils

Yep, it's true. 

My potted daffodils just started opening yesterday. They're joining the daffodils on this month's calendar page.

And I've been crocheting a garden full of daffodils while I'm waiting for spring to arrive outside.

 You may remember the first time I went crocheted daffodil crazy or maybe you saw my daffodils in my shop

or noticed that I was wearing a daffodil necklace when I was doing art fairs last year.

I'm so excited to tell you that this design that I love is feeling some love from Simply Crochet magazine this month!

I am super excited and can't wait to see the actual magazine because I think the page looks great with my necklace right over there!

Wait, did you hear me whooping just now?

Hope you're having a joy filled week.


  1. I heard you all the way out here on the East Coast, Anne! And why not? This is fabulous news! Congratulations! xo

  2. It does and I love it. Congrats!!

  3. This is so exciting, Anne!!!!!!!
    I am going to look for the magazine when I go to Barnes and Noble so I can see you in print!!!
    I love daffodils and you do them so well!!
    Enjoy your recognition!! You are a "Fab Find"!!

  4. The computer crashed as I was leaving my comment! Congratulations on being featured in the magazine! I hope it brings many more people to your etsy shop. Your work is exquisite and unique!

  5. congratulations - do you get that magazine on USA or would you like me to post you a copy?

  6. Beautiful! It looks like spring's coming a little early for you. Congratulations on your magazine feature.

  7. Anne!!!! Huge, huge congratulations on being featured in magazine. I am so happy for you! Beautiful creativity and photos and beautiful and talented soul you are!

  8. Thank you, everyone! I really appreciate your comments!

  9. Oh wow, how exciting to have your gorgeous necklace in a magazine :-) My twelve year old brought me breakfast in bed on my Birthday few days ago & she'd picked a single daffodil to decorate my tray - so cheery and it was sunny outside - yay :-) So if I've just had my Birthday then I'm thinking yours must be soon..... Kat Xx


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