gratitude, beauty and love

Lately my moods have been up and down. I think part of it is this changeable weather and the desire for spring while still being stuck here in winter. Part of it stems, I think from the fact that I've been in a period of growth and change. That I've been stretching and striving and reaching for that word I've been focusing on this year, REALIZE. On the upswings I'm in love with the world. On the downswings just about everything gets on my nerves. I'm impatient. Impatient with the dinner I'm preparing and the fly buzzing in the window. But really, I'm impatient with me. I want to ARRIVE not be stuck in the middle. But we're all always stuck in the middle (to some degree or another) no matter what it is that we're doing.

What I have been struck with, again and again, even during periods of crankiness, is how kind and encouraging so many people have been. I am overflowing with gratitude. Comments on my blog or other social media. Thoughtful, kind emails. Feedback from an Etsy customer.

It's more than just personal encouragement. I am feeling so grateful for all of the beautiful, creative people who, by their very existence, are inspiring. Some speak specifically about daring to live joy-filled, creative lives. Some teach or mentor. Some, simply are. Blooming in their own personal ways. Making the rest of us strive to bloom as well.

And so, this email is a thank you note and a love letter. Sent into the ether. I know that not everyone I am thanking will ever read these words and that is fine. The thought, the feeling, the intention has been sent into the world. To the rest of you I say, "Thank you."


  1. This is so beautiful, Anne. And I thank you for all the life affirming photos, artwork, writings and creations you share with us. I'm so happy to know you!


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