Hello, March!

I have no idea where January and February went. How did they fly by so quickly???

This morning I took down the paper snowflakes I had hanging in the windows. They made me happy, but now that it's March I don't think I should be encouraging the snow anymore.

March, I think you're going to be a wonderful month, even if you end up being as snowy as I think you're going to be.

This morning I also photographed and listed my new painting.

I'm really loving it.

I also signed up for Creativebug this morning. I'm so excited to try it out. I had been waiting to join till after our Cleveland trip and seeing that Lisa Congdon's 4 week line drawing class was starting today was enough to nudge me to GET GOING. Sometimes I need those nudges.

And sometimes I just need quiet mornings with coffee and my journal.

It's been a strange sort of week. I've been tired and slow. We've been working on the kitchen, stripping wallpaper, patching walls, getting ready to paint. I've also been trying to steal moments to do some painting of my own.

I will find my rhythm again. Until then, I'm happy to be here in the messy moment.

Wishing you a beautiful start to the month!


  1. Anne, you are the most organised 'messy' person I know! Your living space is so uncluttered! I love the delicacy of your new painting and the shadow of the petals on the pot. Wonderful!

  2. What lovely photos! I agree, snow needs no more encouragement. I'm signed up for Lisa's class too - looking forward to seeing your art on Creativebug.com! Happy March, Anne.


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