joy list monday

We live in a world where joy and empathy and pleasure are all around us, there for the noticing.

--Ira Glass

Good morning and happy Monday. I'm trying to get back into a blogging groove and I figured that a Joy List would be perfect on this sunny (but COLD) morning.

  • sunshine
  • flowers
  • making chili for tonight
  • project planning
  • roots on cuttings
  • bird songs
  • seeds arriving for this year's garden

Remember those geranium cuttings?

They are beginning to grow some roots. I also trimmed up my fuchsia last week and today noticed a little nub of a root beginning on one stem.

So full of hope. Although spring feels very far away, sprouting roots or flowering plants make it seem a little bit closer. And with the increase of birdsong lately, I can't help but feel as if perhaps spring isn't quite so distant.

Even with that hope cheering me, I've been feeling a bit scattered. Pulled in multiple directions. Distracted. Times like that there's a tension between projects I want to tackle and other things I should, or even want to be doing. How do you battle that? Sometimes it zaps my productivity as I flit from endeavor to endeavor. Sometimes I can ignore it and jump into a project, forcing focus. Sometimes writing in my journal helps (and sometimes that's just a stall tactic). It's a perennial challenge for me. But better to have a challenge driven by multiple interests, inspiration and ideas than to have to search for interests, inspiration or ideas.

I hope your Monday, and the rest of your week, is filed with many little joys and that you are able to take the time to notice them all.


  1. I love coming here Ann. You remind me of me but a better version! When I receive my Geranium plants later in spring I will have to come to you for advice on taking cuttings from them! With regards to your many interests, have you explored the idea that you may have a 'scanner' personality type? Barbara Sher has written a book called Refuse to Choose which is directed at people who have so many interests that they refuse to choose any one particular thing. She calls them 'scanners' 'highly intelligent multi-talented people who need to have more interests than the average person.' Her website is well worth a look. Have a lovely week.

    1. Thanks, Simone, but better version of you... pfft.

      I always love talking about plants, so ask me anything!

      I skimmed through Barbara Sher's book. I'm pretty good with who I am and my quirks. Sometimes it's tricky to juggle things, but for the most part things work out. Now, if only there were more hours in the day...

  2. You have reminded me to pinch a few pieces from my grandmother's Christmas cactus and start them rooting for both Gretta and my brother, Nelson. My houseplants and forced bulbs on the windowsills at this time of year tide me over to brighter days. And I have seeds sprouting for salads, too. :-)

    1. Can't wait to sprout some salad seeds!

      I may have to steal some cuttings from my mom's Christmas/Thanksgiving cactuses. Wish I still had one.

  3. Hi Anne! I know exactly what you're talking about (and Simone, thank you for the info on the "scanner" personality type.) I found that if I am having a hard time focusing to finish a task, music helps with that. It puts me in a more linear state of mind if that makes sense and keeps my direction moving forward. Not always, but often! ;)

    1. I usually forget to put on music when I'm working, but when I do have it, it helps me to be "in the groove." Gotta remember to put some on! Though, when I'm writing, I can't have any noises or it just won't work.


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