journaling, hearts and monday joy

Yesterday I sat down with my journal while I was drinking my coffee and making and eating my breakfast. I felt a need to do a little bit of checking in and assessing what I want from life. Do you keep a journal? I've kept journals/diaries on and off (mostly on) since grade school. It's interesting to look back at them, but more than anything else it's the act of writing in them at the time that's helpful to me. Sometimes I use it to understand my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes to vent. Sometimes just to keep a record of what I'm doing. Sometimes to capture ideas. This time, sitting down and asking "What do I want from life? What do I want my life to look like? Where am I going?" Was so helpful. Not only was it nice to check in with myself, but it also led to some interesting ideas and brainstorming. I think I should use this approach more often in my journaling.

Ever since I wrote my post about rejection, I have been stumbling upon more hearts than usual.

I see them everywhere. Actually, I see all sorts of shapes everywhere (like the yeti-shaped splash of bird poop on the windshield of the car the other day), but the only recurring shapes I see are hearts.

I know that lots of people look for and/or see hearts everywhere and that doesn't lessen the joy that I feel when I find them.

As long as I'm talking joy, I may as well share my Joy List for today.

  • the flowers that are blooming all over inside my house
  • more signs of spring outside (with warmth and melted snow!)
  • the new lamp on my studio work table
  • having my brother in town for a few days
  • being cozy inside on a dreary wet day

What about you? What's bringing you joy today?


  1. I don't keep a journal as such but I do write things down in what ever notebook I have to hand. I really want to start a journal but I don't want to 'mess it up'! I have just made a cake so that is bringing me joy today and although the weather is gloomy, it is mild enough to sow seeds outdoors now. I hope you have a lovely week Anne finding 'hearts' as you go :)

  2. I love all of your found hearts. I used to write morning pages but haven't been doing that for some time. But I think I may be due to start again. Joy today for me includes the sunshine, dark chocolate covered almonds, a walk, a new orchid, reading, painting and knitting. Have a great day. xoxo

  3. I have been journaling more and reading about journaling, inspired by some of your posts. Yesterday I sent a picture book manuscript to a publisher. And today I plan to look for hearts (I think you find them so often because you're on the lookout)! Thanks for the inspirations.

  4. The universe is sending you loving messages!

  5. Heart melting post and photos, Anne! I do write morning pages which transformed with time into evening and night pages. I cannot imagine my routine without them now. Big hugs to you!


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