at the farm

We've been working out at the farm quite a bit lately.

It's so satisfying to see progress on the outdoor projects. Painting and planting and weeding. I end each day tired and sore (and sunburned) and dirty and I've been falling asleep so early and sleeping so well.

"In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt."
                    --Margaret Atwood

Do you remember the tiny onions I helped to divide?

I planted them outside. They still look little, but they will grow. We have three varieties (and I didn't count how many plants total, but I think probably about 100).

I also planted leeks, two varieties of kale, brussels sprouts, broccoli and swiss chard, all seedlings that my mom and I sowed starting in March. They grew under lights inside and then in mini greenhouses on my parents' back porch. There are a lot more to harden off and plant outside (I'm most looking forward to all the tomatoes!!).

As I worked on turning over and loosening the soil to plant the babies, my dad was weeding and hoeing further down in the veggie bed.

Matthias was busy painting the potting shed and my mom was planting in other areas of the farm, including the bramble berry garden where there is now a new currant.

The blueberries and raspberries are looking really good this year.

And the big apple tree... oh my, it's filled with flowers and the hum of the bees when you're underneath its branches...

I think we should have a good apple harvest this year.

That big apple tree was here when my parents bought the property, but new since then is the orchard. It is so beautiful right now, too.

The little trees are getting bigger and some are filled with flowers this spring.




Beauty and joy are around every corner. Yes it's work, but it's good work. It's what I've been waiting for.

Enjoy all of the little beauties around you today.


  1. Currant Jam is beyond delicious - and easier & bigger yield than jelly. I also make currant syrup with nearly the same recipe but not boiling it down to the gelling point.

  2. What a beautiful, uplifting post, Anne! Lovely to see all of you working together on the farm - good, honest work! I feel like a slug!!!
    Your photos are really spectacular. All very inspiring!

  3. oh the farm looks so pretty! So much blossom and I'm in love with the potting shed!

  4. I can hear the hum of your activity way out here in Vermont. Such intergenerational fun, the very best kind.

  5. Everything is so beautiful. Can't wait to see how it grows.

  6. The farm is looking wonderful! The snow seems a distant memory! How lovely to see you all together but doing your own 'thing' outside. I remember when you planted the orchard and were looking for varieties of trees in catalogues and also when you picked out your chickens and got a mystery one!

  7. It is so pretty there Anne. Everything so full of life. Maybe a landscape painting is in your future?


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