joy list monday

It's a dreary, dark, rainy Monday here. I'm trying my hardest not to feel dreary and dark myself. I am a bit embarrassed to admit that my mood is so easily affected by the weather. But it is.

So, what to do? Focus on that dreariness or look for glimmers of beauty and joy? I bet you know how I'll answer that.

It's cool today, but we have a couple windows open and I can hear robins and chickadees and goldfinches singing in the trees behind the house. Just taking a moment to look out through the screen, smell the rain and listen to the birds helps me to feel better. The colors seem intensified on this rainy day. The lawn in our backyard is patchy and in one section it is made up almost entirely of violets. At my parents farm the violets are a little further along:

The ones here haven't opened yet so I don't know what color they'll be.

What else is bringing me joy today?

  • a breakfast of fresh asparagus (from my parents' neighbors) and poached fresh eggs (from my parents)
  • the sweet perfume of jasmine, lime flowers, trachelospermum and oncidium all blooming in the living room
  • flowers outside, bright through the windows: tulips, pansies, dandelions
  • inspiration (paper flower classes on Creativebug, posts on this blog and this one, too)
  • a slow and quiet morning

Last night we watched this movie:

Matthias' brother recommended it and I'm so glad he did because it was the best movie I have seen in a very long time. After it was over I wanted to tell everyone I know to watch it (it's on Netflix). It's funny; the music is good and the story is sweet. So, watch it if you get a chance.

What about you? What's bringing you joy today?


  1. -"Spring green" bursting all over the place
    -a "welcome-to-Vermont-fulltime" visit from dear friends who live about an hour away
    -line-dried sheets on our bed
    -more empty moving boxes
    -leftover beet, red cabbage and granny smith slaw for lunch

  2. Like you Anne - I am greatly affected by the weather especially as I get older. Lovely joyful things you mention such as fresh eggs and asparagus for breakfast. Yum! Bringing me joy today is the anticipation of receiving some books I have ordered and the prospect of a sunny day tomorrow.

  3. Grey days can be an energy drain when we are just beginning to get into the Spring mood of outdoors and flowers. But doing a joy list is a good way to realise there's still a lot of joy and colour. I don't get badly affected by the weather but grey days never seem as happy as sunny ones. Here in the UK we have a lot of grey rainy days so a joy list approach is needed for sure :-) It's Wednesday here but on my joy list would be how a trip to the doctors for blood tests etc had me bump into a friend and prompted us both to go to a cafe and enjoy a catch up. Its not something I usually get to do with her and was such a nice unexpected turn of events :-)
    Kat Xx

  4. I used some old frames for new pictures- thrifty happiness!! Sad eh?!! The sun is coming Anne :)

  5. Clouds in springtime get me down too but every flower I notice opening has the potential to make me smile. I'm glad you found plenty of ways to brighten your outlook. For me, a trip to the fabric store works wonders :)

  6. Thank you, everyone, for sharing your little joys! It always brightens my day to read about them!

  7. I love your little joys Anne and definitely I am going to watch this movie. Thank you so much for sharing


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