sharing joy

It has been so beautiful here. I've been working in my new garden, working out at the farm and trying to sneak in a little bit of painting when I can. It's been wonderful. The perfect weather we've been having makes everything feel right. And having flowers spring up all around... whether the flowers are lilacs

 or creeping charlie

or dandelions

fills me with joy.

Being able to start eating this season's produce has been a joy as well.

My mom has been sharing spring's joy by giving us asparagus from the farm and we've happily eaten it. It's so good.

Although my focus has been outside, I'm also excited at the thought of projects I'd like to work on and I just joined a fabric scrap swap which will force me to do some sewing (something that keeps getting neglected!.

Sharon of The Teacup Incident is hosting this swap. And it sounds like so much fun. Do you have some fabric scraps in your stash that are just sitting around? Share the joy; sign up for the swap!

Wishing you all a beautiful, joy-filled weekend.


  1. I love the crown. I wish you could send me the smell of your lilacs. There aren't any around here.

  2. You seem so much happier Anne! It is amazing what a little bit of sunshine and blue sky can do! Your dandelion crown suits you very well. How wonderful to eat home grown asparagus. It is one of my favourite vegetables but very expensive here. Enjoy your scrap fabric swap. It is always nice to look forward to things in the post!

  3. Dear Anne, thank you for sharing beautiful gifts of nature.

  4. My lilacs are beautiful right now too. I love walking out the back door and smelling them. You are lucky to have fresh asparagus from your family farm!

  5. Thank you all so much! This is my favorite time of year and there is so much to enjoy!


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