The 3rd Handmade Joy Exchange

Do you remember back in March I sent out an invitation to the 3rd Handmade Joy Exchange?

Eight people decided to join me for this year's exchange:

Laura in England

Sharon in Wisconsin (yep, she's my mom!)

Danielle in Ohio

Judy in Massachusetts

Sarah in Vermont

Cori in Oregon

Laurie in Pennsylvania

Sharon in Colorado

(And then there's me in Wisconsin, now, too).

I had such fun creating my little bits of joy to send to Cori (I wrote about that surge of joy and love here). I follow Cori on Instagram and have some idea of her aesthetic. Because I know she likes vintage textiles and blues and greens, I decided to create a cuff bracelet for her with some vintage fabrics from my stash, a vintage doily and some vintage pearl buttons.

I love how it turned out.

I also wanted to paint a little something for her and had been thinking about the little joy journals that I made a while ago. They were such fun to make. Because I was in a cyclamen phase, it was easy to decide what to paint for the cover.

Somehow sewing with paper always gives me a thrill. Maybe that's what I liked so much about the joy journals.

I was very happy with how this one turned out. 

While I was working on Cori's bracelet and notebook I was surprised when a package arrived for me. It was Sharon's contribution to the exchange (early!). I wanted to open it up right away, but I managed to restrain myself until I finished my bits.

When I was done I finally got to see what was inside the box...

The wrapped package and card were so bright and joyful. Inside that tissue...

was the sweetest patchwork bunny! Sharon wrote, "Name her whatever you wish!" in the card and a perfect name came to me right away: Miranda. Thank you, Sharon, your package totally brightened my day. And I love having Miranda hang out in my studio with me where she sits on my work table by my fabric scraps.

"Thank You!!!" to each of you who participated this year. I hope that the making and the receiving were equally joyful. It brought me joy to think about each of you creating something with an intention of joy, wrapping it up and sending it to someone far away.

I hope each of you reading this, whether you participated or not, take some time to visit the blogs/websites of the Handmade Joy Exchange participants. Each of these women is creative and generous and inspiring.


  1. Anne, I'm glad you like "Miranda" and thank you for arranging this joyful exchange! There are so many talented people in the world and its fun to share the joy of handmade.

  2. So fun! Also very neat to so what everyone else created. So much talent!

  3. Anne, once again, thank you for hosting this!! I loved doing it and posted about it on my blog today. Love seeing what everyone else made and received!! You have spread so much joy!! xo

  4. i love this little look into "the making of" my amazing gifts! thank you so much for everything, anne. it was so much fun to participate, and you are so talented and thoughtful!

  5. I know that skipping the exchange this year was the right decision for me, Anne, but this morning I am regretting it just a wee bit. Such wonderful, thoughtful, beautiful gifts have been exchanged this year. Thanks for getting everyone organized and for spreading joy across the miles! xo

  6. Some lovely creativity going on there! I wish I could have participated but alas I think I would still be pondering over what to make. Hopefully I will be able to join in, if there is a next time!

  7. The cuff looks beautiful and I'm v.jealous you got one of Sharon's bunnies!

  8. Thank you, everyone! This was so much fun for me and I'm glad I was able to spread the joy!

  9. I am sorry I forgot to take pictures. I love doing this exchange so much. Such beautiful things.


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