Spring has been so slow to arrive here, but, finally, these last few days it has really arrived. Warm weather. Sunshine. The trees are starting to leaf out (and those leaves seem to double in size overnight). And those tulips which I shared the other day (which took weeks and weeks and weeks to do anything at all) suddenly were progressing at warp speed.

As much as I grumbled about it at the time, I am grateful for a couple dreary, rainy days stuck inside.

Without them, my tulips would have fallen to pieces before I had a chance to paint them.

It was the first time I've painted tulips and I really enjoyed it. The flowers and the red paint certainly brightened my studio on those dark days.

painting available here

I've been spending as much time outside since then as possible. It's been marvelous (I'll share some of the marvelousness soon). As spring and the garden progress, I'm finding inspiration everywhere. I want to paint everything I see. It's going to be challenging to find just the right balance. What a wonderful problem to have.

Wishing you beautiful weather and the time to enjoy it.


  1. Very beautiful painting, Anne. Just wondering…do you use tube watercolors?

    1. Thanks so much, Judy! I use high quality pan watercolors (from a few different manufacturers) because I like the way they work for me better than the tubes. Although I have a range of colors, I always mix my own color combinations. I feel as if I don't waste as much paint by using the pans. It was hard for me to reuse the little unused gobs of the dried tube paint. Plus, unlike tubes the pans will never go bad.

    2. Thank you, Anne! Your results are beautiful!

  2. Lovely tulip painting. Glad your weather is on the up Anne. Our weather has turned colder and wetter!!!

  3. So much beauty, the tulips themselves, the photographs and the painting.

  4. Gorgeous tulips, beautiful painting!


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