Don't you love them? They're everywhere this time of year. And they look so happy. One section of our new backyard lawn contains more violets than grass. I don't really mind.

I'm sure you can guess what came next.

(Could not resist a shiny lampshade studio selfie).

The finished painting is sweet and makes me happy. Just like the real flowers.

I cannot believe that May is almost over. How did it go by so fast?


  1. Oh my goodness, Anne, your painting is exquisite! The leaves look sculpted and I love the way you included the earth and roots! Beautiful!
    And what a great idea for a selfie!! Your studio looks so refreshing!

  2. I hope you'll publish a book of your botanical paintings one day - maybe an herbal or Language of Flowers - so lovely.

  3. A lovely delicate touch Anne. Great selfie!

  4. Beautiful violets and fantastic self portrait. Have a warm, happy and creative week!

  5. Beautiful painting and inspiration. I love violets! :)


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