joy in june day 2 -- sewing

Yesterday it stormed and poured all day. And other than it being dark, it was a perfect day for spending inside sewing. I've been kind of obsessed lately. Going through my fabric stash and pattern stash and spending (way too much) time on Pinterest looking for sewing ideas. When I realized that a couple photos I noticed on Pinterest were of tops made with a pattern that I actually had, I knew I should make one myself.

The pattern is McCalls 5388 (view D) and the fabric is from a thrifted sheet. Everywhere I read that this pattern runs large, so I made a size 8 which was just about perfect, but as I was putting it together I realized that the armholes were a bit too tight. I adjusted them in a very unscientific way (cutting off fabric on the edge of each before setting in the sleeves (amazingly, it worked). Overall I'm very happy with how it turned out. It's a light and comfy summer top. I'm ready to dive into the next sewing project because I must say that right now I'm a bit obsessed.

Hope you're finding some joy today! (And thank you to everyone who's joining me for Joy in June. The more joy the merrier!).

(And thank you to Matthias for taking some photos of me in my new top).


  1. I absolutely love this fabric, Anne, and the top is so sweet!! I used to sew clothes for myself when I was your size - long ago!!!
    Have a joyful day!!

  2. Gorgeous top! I think it would work well as a dress too (if made longer of course!) I am really enjoying taking part in Joy in June. It is helping me to focus on what is good. :)


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