joy in june day 5 -- still sewing obsessed

So, I thought about posting something else today (to spare you my latest obsession), but in the end the tunic I finished sewing yesterday won out.

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I was so excited to work on this one. It's Simplicity 2245 (Portfolio Dress, Tunic & Pant) from the Lisette line by Liesl and Co. It's another one I had in my stash and hadn't really thought too much about it until finding inspiration on Pinterest and Flickr. When I realized that I had this lovely Kaufman Essex linen and cotton blend (Lt Blue) that coordinated perfectly with a small piece of Anna Maria Horner cotton from her Dowry collection (Tangle in Moss), I couldn't wait to get started.

vintage glass buttons, orange, lisette portfolio tunic, anna maria horner, Anne Butera, My Giant Strawberry

I even used two of my vintage orange glass buttons because they ended up matching perfectly.

Except for a small mistake I made when working on the collar (the consequence of which was that the collar was harder to put together than it should have been), this pattern came together very easily. I took my time and so it wasn't exactly quick, but it wasn't complicated even with all the sweet details (the pattern is very well-written). I love, love, love the pockets (which I lined in the Anna Maria fabric just for fun). I plan on making many more of these.

Now, though I'm putting aside my sewing obsession so I can get back to some painting.

I hope you're finding time to savor the little joys in your life today.

(Thanks to Matthias for taking the top photo, even if he did make fun of my glasses the whole time).


  1. Okay I totally love this - especially the pockets.

  2. Sew cute. I love the accent fabric and the buttons.

  3. Anne, your tunic is gorgeous. and your sewing obsession is so inspiring.

  4. I forgot to mention that you look gorgeous as well!

  5. The tunic is wonderful! Just my kind of thing.

  6. I'm liking your recent sewing obsession :-) This tunic and last top are beautiful. I am envious of your skill because I can't even seem to master threading a machine. I end up chickening out and hand sewing but for larger projects I really need to get my head round using a machine!!
    I'm enjoying your Joy in June posts :-)
    Kat xx


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