joy in june day 6 -- a walk in the woods

We start most days here with a long walk, not only through this little bit woods that connects two parks, but all around town. It's a good start to the day. I never know what sorts of things we'll discover. Recent delights:

  • the town's time capsule
  • jack in the pulpit flowers
  • a girl tightrope walking in one of the parks, her tightrope strung between two trees
  • a deer leaping and frolicking across a field and moments later a tiny fawn leaping through tall grass, disappearing and reappearing because the grass was taller than it was
  • fragrant rugosa roses in full bloom
  • a tractor parked in town in front of someone's house
  • many species of birds
What joys and delights have you discovered recently?


  1. Some lovely local discoveries, especially of the deer and the fawn. I discovered a couple of stag beetles in my garden recently. They are a protected species so I felt quite priviledged!

  2. Wonderful discoveries! I must get out and walk! Did you see the recent deer and fawn photos on Karen LR's blog??

  3. Jack in the pulpits and a tightrope walker...that's my kind of walk! And, yes, fawns are out and about these days, exploring their worlds with their mamas. Each day is filled with snapshots of joy. I'm glad to be playing along with you, Anne. xo

  4. My sister got one of those kits with the straps that allow kids and adults to go tight rope walking - she brought it down when she visited. When we had it set up in our local woods it attracted people to watch or have a go. Apparently some people can do sommersalts & gymnastic type moves on them. Personally I can hardly walk on flat ground, so I couldn't join in but I'm always happiest amongst trees. In fact if I was ever stuck living somewhere without trees in view and accessible I think I may wither away and die from lack of soul nourishment, lol :-) For the last 7 years we've been lucky to rent a house with a garden that backs on to woodland. Just occasionally the wild deer stray as far as the stream that seperates us from the official woods (although our trees sort of run into it) and both hubbie & I & our children get super excited to see these gorgeous animals!

    Like the way you've listed what you saw in the woods on your walk. Paying attention and being present, all so therapeutic. I've been doing similar with my Georgia O'Keeffe project that I finally posted on my blog yesterday. It made me look at every flower, plant and tree in minute detail and revealed even more beauty than I tend to see in a glance.

    Anyhow, I seem to have taken over your comments box...should have written you an email, lol :-)
    Kat Xx

  5. I can almost smell the woods! I need to go a bit slower and really look at what´s in front of me.


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