joy in june day 7 -- frogs and toads

Been finding (and hearing) plenty of them out at the farm. Dave Barry might not think that toads are cute, but... hello, there.

How can he not?

Last night when I was sitting by the pond and watched a frog sitting on a lily pad singing, his throat ballooning, it felt like pure magic.

It's easy to miss these tiny glimmers of magic and joy. I'm glad I didn't.


  1. I am a big fan of frogs and toads. How wonderful to see a frog singing away on a lily pad - I bet the performance was done to impress you! It may have been a prince in disguise? :)

  2. What a little beauty and inspiring awareness of the world around you. Thank you for sharing those moments, Anne!

  3. You reminded me of a time we stopped at a roadside park in Vandalia MI on the way back to Chicago from Detroit. There were dozens if not hundreds of tiny little toads hopping all about everywhere we stepped. So sweet. The memory brought me joy!


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