joy in june day 8 -- geraniums

I've always loved geraniums and I think I always will. (I'm talking about the plants that are called geraniums, but which are really pelargoniums, though I do love the other kind, too). Sure they're ubiquitous, but they are so cheerful and there are so many varieties, each with something special: colorful flowers, colorful or interestingly shaped leaves, scented leaves. This year my favorite new plant has speckled and striped petals. Each petal is different and sometimes one shows up that's completely red. I'd call it red, but the variety is actually called Classic Mosaic Purple.

Purple. Red. Geranium. Pelargonium. Whatever you want to call it, I'm completely smitten.

What's also wonderful about this plant is that I bought it on a plant shopping outing with my mom. We stopped at a couple greenhouses that day. The weather was perfect. Sunshine. Blue skies. The drive on winding roads through hills and valleys, past farms and nature reserves was picturesque. The greenhouse where I bought this plant was tucked into an Amish farm and filled with gorgeous, healthy plants. Hummingbirds buzzed in and out testing the flowers. A young Amish girl checked us out, carefully writing down all of our purchases on our receipts in her pretty handwriting and adding up the total in her head. I remember that joyful day when I look at this plant.

Again and again I see that it's these tiny details that bring me joy. What's one plant, really? One tiny frog or toad? What would life be without these details?

Wishing you a day filled with little beauties and many joys.


  1. As you know Anne, I have your geranium addiction too! How lovely that when you look at that plant you remember the circumstances of buying it and the lovely time spent with your Mum. I would love to see more of your joyful geranium collection!

  2. Such a beautiful blossom, and a lovely experience! Thanks for sharing it, Anne!

  3. I plant geraniums in a barrel out by the road, in celebration of my grandmother who, like you, wintered her geraniums indoors in the winter. Flowers can be filled with such sentiment. Yours are gorgeous...that color!

  4. Tis the tiny things that make life so hugely beautiful and full of possibility!
    Kat :-) xx


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