joy in june day 9 -- painting an iris

Taking a break from painting for a bit made coming back to it so sweet.

The colors. The jar of water and all my favorite brushes. The fragrance of the iris flowers blooming in the vase on my table (cleared from sewing to accommodate my painting again). My mugs of strong coffee and later tea. There were still the uncertainties and the brushstrokes that left me thinking, uh-oh, what have I done? Have I just ruined this painting? But, no, I hadn't. Trusting the process can be hard sometimes, but making art is all about letting go and enjoying the process. For me being in my studio surrounded with beauty and inspiration is a wonderful thing. It is joy itself, even when there is frustration.

That being said, sometimes it's beneficial to take a break from what you're doing, even if it's something that you love doing, to spend some time with a different creative pursuit.

I hope you spend some time this week creating your own joy in whatever form it takes.

(The iris painting is available here).


  1. Anne, even your colour swatch is so neat and tidy! Beautiful painting! I am all for trying out different creative pursuits and do so almost weekly.:)

  2. I took a journal Mr. & I made out in the backyard with my paint box and sketched a scene of my garage & garden - not great but a good experience in letting go, using bigger brushes & more water, forgetting details and just getting paint on paper. You continue to inspire. Love the idea of the color swatch - I want to paint my blooming orchid but I'm afraid. Deep breath . . .

  3. Your Iris painting is so beautiful Anne, delicate, pretty and feels like I could almost smell! I agree on switching things up & then finding things sweeter after a break. I've been busy painting & taking photos. But now I'm on jewellery making & trying to figure out photoshop to make a new web header. I also feel like creating a new mandala very soon!
    Kat Xx

  4. So lovely Anne! I love the bearded iris at this time of year - so frilly and bold.


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