joy in june -- last day of the month

Goodbye, June. You were a good month. What's wonderful, though, is that there is still plenty of summer in front of us. Still time to savor the beauty and joy that each day holds. Flowers and foods fresh from the garden. Birdsongs and frog serenades. Sunny days and thunderstorms. BBQ dinners, ice cream. Fireflies. I've spent the month of June collecting joys. In my notebooks, on my blog, with my camera. It's been good to focus like that and I plan to continue to do so.

Inspired by this post by Dana Barbieri I created a painted list of joyful things to do this summer.

What about you? What's been bringing you joy? What kinds of joy-creation is on your to-do list for the coming months?


  1. Love your painted list!! Also love your positive attitude, Anne!
    (I linked to your blog on my blogpost today)

  2. I love your list!! I like all the pictures you posted in the last nposts..sorry I didn't have enough time to comment!! I'm looking forward for John's tomatoes btongrow and ripe, so I'll eat them!! �� ..and then look forward for my nephews and niece to come over here in August (I just found out it!!).

    ...and many wishes for your anniversary!!

  3. Lovely painted joy list! I think the joy creation on my to-do list is just to make the most of every day come rain or shine!

  4. Thank you for sharing your June and summer moments with us. They were beautiful and inspiring in many, many ways!

  5. Thank you for bringing a bunch of us along on your June joys adventure. It was a good journey. xo


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