joy in june -- my new garden

I haven't shared much of my new garden yet. It's still in progress. Kind of messy. Not quite mine yet. As I was looking back at photos of my garden in Cleveland I realized how much I miss it. I'd been gardening there for almost 10 years and it was mine, through and through. It wasn't perfect, of course. It wasn't finished (no garden ever is). It had its problems, bugs and diseases, clay and rocks and ever-decreasing sunshine, but I loved it. I do love living in my new town and my new home. I love this area of the country. It thrills me every time I drive these winding hilly roads, fills me with joy and gratitude. I love being close to my parents and their growing farm. I have no desire to go back to Cleveland, but I do miss that garden. And those roses.

It's probably not surprising that I've been adding roses to my new garden here.

These two rugosas were found as bareroot roses in those tubes you see everywhere in spring. I picked them up on clearance very cheaply. The top is Theresa Bugnet and the bottom was supposed to be Hansa, but those light pink, ruffly flowers don't look at all like Hansa's and they have no fragrance. I searched a bit online and I think it may be Pink Grootendorst. I'd wished for a more fragrant rose, but it's still pretty and it was only a couple dollars. Both of these roses are planted in the front garden bed. The other roses I've purchased I'll be growing in pots for now. They're all banded roses, small cuttings I purchased online. I received some already and one plant was in bloom in the box!

This one is Excellenz von Schubert and even these baby flowers smelled wonderful. I'm excited to get these little plants established. Thanks to Laurie from Hedgerow Rose for introducing me to the concept of bands and for all her answers to my questions. She has a great article about purchasing and growing banded roses here.

Thank you, also, to Laurie for the sweet pea seeds she sent me. They've just started to bloom and are earlier than the other sweet peas I planted.

I'm loving them. Oh, that color.


  1. Anne, I hear rugosa roses have the biggest & most flavorful hips. I hope you'll put rosehip jam on the schedule this fall.

  2. I know just how you feel about leaving your garden behind...all that hard work and those plants you loved! Been there. But it looks like you're off to a great start and those roses are so pretty!

  3. Beautiful flowers, and HOW fortunate are the folks who bought your other home!! They must be in heaven as each new flower opens! What a legacy you left behind!

  4. I'm loving the photo of the roses with drops of water on - such a pretty & magical effect. We have one rose bush that has gone from one rose to more than 20 blooms in less than a week, it is beautiful to watch. I don't know what type of rose it is are very knowledgeable!

    This garden will soon come to mean as much to you as the last. The relationship just needs to grow (bad unintenional pun, lol :))

    Kat Xx


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