joy in june -- snapdragons

Do you love them? I do. And I can never resist squeezing the flowers to make them "snap." The snapdragons my mom and I started from seed when there was still snow on the ground are thriving in our gardens now.

It's fun to discover what colors they are as they open up.

For our anniversary my mom gave me a vase filled with 13 flower stems.

Yet another example of why I love this time of year.


  1. Beautiful individually and in an arrangement!! So many happy occasions to celebrate!!

  2. Gorgeous specimans! When I was small we used to call Snapdragons bunny rabbits!

  3. HAHA!! Remembering a book - Fifteen by Beverly Cleary. Jane is babysitting & her charge Sandra is catching flies and shutting them up in snapdragons. When Sandra finally takes her nap Jane conscientiously goes out to release the trapped flies. Thanks for joyful memory.

  4. AND Happy Anniversary to you!


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