joy in june -- a summer solstice joy list

  • rain changing to blue skies and sunshine
  • a long walk with the dogs
  • mixing paint and starting a new painting
  • finding a four-leaf clover
  • introducing my friend, Danielle, to the chickens (and all the other farm fun)
  • eating the first ripe (or semi-ripe) cherries in the orchard
  • flowers, flowers, flowers
  • harvesting strawberries
  • my dad's "blind beer taste tests"
  • finding shapes in the clouds
  • bbq dinner
  • baby birds fledging from their nest on the front porch at the farm (right over our heads!)
  • frogs and toads
  • measuring the corn in the field -- it's up to my waist now
  • a meadow walk in golden evening light -- picking daisies and eating wild strawberries
  • strawberries and ice cream
  • mystery roses at the farm (that came home with me)


  1. Those are gorgeous!!! Love your list of joy.

  2. A wonderful joy list and a stunning bouquet of roses!

  3. A four leaf clover- brings lots of luck and happiness. Beautiful list Anne, magical. Always pleasure to read it!

  4. Gorgeous roses, a lucky clover and a wonderful list of joys!


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