in the garden

It seems as if my garden has been slow this year. Perhaps I've just been impatient? Whether that's true or not, things finally seem to be coming along. 

The blue sweet peas have been blooming for quite a while and now the other varieties have started as well.

So beautiful and they smell delicious. I'm waiting for two more varieties to open. It's an exciting surprise to see what colors they'll be.

It will also be an exciting surprise to see what colors my ranunculus flowers will be.

I planted ranunculus bulbs this spring for the first time without doing much research first. When I went online to read about them I got a little nervous about growing them here. I wasn't sure how well they'd do, but their masses of parsley-like foliage are finally starting to send up flower buds.

The simplest flowers and plants are delighting me this year. Delicate marigolds with tiny flowers (a variety called red gem)

and sunflowers

and scarlet runner beans grown from seeds I saved from my plants last summer.

I may not have masses of roses like I did in my last garden, but a mixture of old-fashioned, cottage-y flowers, veggies, tomatoes and herbs is the epitome of summertime and brings me so much joy.

What's growing in your garden this year?


  1. It's all about the greens right now...lettuces, 3 varieties of kale, rainbow chard, parsley, chives...with carrots and beets coming along behind. Yellow wax beans are showing little blossoms and the cherry tomatoes are looking good. Pumpkins and squash are setting big yellow buds. The sunflowers we plant every summer in memory of "e" are getting taller every day, and nasturtiums are slow, but determined.

    Love your scarlet runner bean blooms, and ranunculus have always charmed me.

  2. Your flowers are beautiful, Anne! I love sweet peas - the blossoms are so sculptural - and the scarlet runner beans are a gorgeous color! I have hydrangeas and day lilies galore! I always enjoy your photos!


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